Security Guard Services

Security and private security company in Marbella. We offer security services at home, for businesses and more with the latest technology.

Security and Surveillance Services

Our security and surveillance services are carried out by highly trained guards, providing protection for carefully analyzed and delimited areas, with or without weapons.

We integrate technology and surveillance as a complement to our comprehensive Security Plan, establishing scheduled control rounds at various assigned centers. Additionally, we offer security guard services for static surveillance at specific perimeters, ensuring a vigilant presence in these areas.

Our highly qualified personnel work to prevent criminal acts and are prepared to intervene in altercations or conduct personnel evacuations during fire or flooding emergencies. We collaborate closely with the State Security Forces to ensure a coordinated effort.

At LIP Security, we also provide armed guard security services, offering an additional level of protection when needed. Trust our combination of skilled personnel and advanced technology to ensure the security and peace of mind for your premises, whether it’s construction sites or other designated spaces.

Where we use Static Surveillance

Some of the specific perimeters where we work are Urbanisations, Industrial Areas, Hotels, Sports Complexes, Hospitals, Buildings, Commercial Areas, Educational Institutions, etc.


There will always be a
agent on the perimeter


Rapid response and
performance of the agents


We collaborate with the
state forces to
greater efficiency

Other Security Services

Explore and learn about all of LIP Security’s Security Services.

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