Private Security Patrol Vehicles

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Security Patrol Vehicles

Our private security patrol service is characterized by its dynamic nature, with guards moving between different centers of one or multiple clients within the same geographical area.

To enhance effectiveness, we integrate technology and surveillance as a complement to our comprehensive Security Plan. This includes establishing scheduled control rounds at various assigned centers. Our security guards are equipped with vehicles, enabling seamless travel between locations.

We have an innovative Control Centre responsible for supervising the installations and detecting anomalies, including technical issues. Once detected, the Control Centre promptly informs the security guard, ensuring swift response to any potential security concerns.

Leveraging the combination of mobile security patrols and advanced technology, LIP Security provides efficient and comprehensive security solutions for your premises. Trust us to safeguard your assets and maintain a secure environment through our expertly executed patrol services.

Advantages and where we use Dynamic Surveillance

Among the most interesting advantages of this system are the optimisation and greater coverage based on mobility and video surveillance as a complement, as well as other combined solutions, adapting to the client’s needs at any given time and place. This service is applicable in different centres of one or several clients with geographical proximity, such as different residences, shopping centres or business areas.

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