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Private Security company
in Marbella

Protect what matters most to you with our state-of-the-art security and surveillance solutions!

“A commitment to security with LIP Security means a commitment to a better quality of life.”

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    Why Lip Seguridad?

    We are a comprehensive security company in Marbella with more than 34 years of experience in the protection of people, goods and companies. Our highly qualified team and advanced technical resources in security have allowed us to gain prestige in the sector.

    Installation and maintenance of security systems.
    Night surveillance.
    Choice of rounds or discontinuous surveillance.
    Explosive guards.

    What make us different as a security company in Marbella


    Implementing services
    in record time


    Tailor-made services
    according to needs

    24/7 Service

    Maximum availability of
    multi-channel support

    360º Training

    Qualified staff in
    constant trainning

    Home Security
    Home Security

    Our securty system company offers you the installation of the most complete alarm security systems on the market, with the best quality. Having the best security for your home provides undeniable benefits in terms of peace of mind.

    • Protection for you and your loved ones
    • Easy to use
    • Permanent connection to the central station
    • Quick contact with emergency services

    Home Security
    Business Security

    As a private security company, we provide advanced solutions tailored to the security needs of your business to protect it from potential risks and losses.

    • Reduces the risk of theft
    • Enables remote control of the business
    • Provides peace of mind
    • Long-term savings
    • Serves as evidence in the event of theft

    Sectors in which we work


    Security for Communities
    of Owners.


    Acces and vehicle control,
    surveillance of common
    areas and patrols.


    Integral security for works
    and materials. Acces

    Shop and shopping centres

    Security and Auxiliary
    Services for Communities
    of Owners.

    Industrial facilities

    Security guards, access
    control, patrols and rounds,
    visitor management.


    Corporate sporting,
    leisure, charity, social,
    academic events…

    Medical centres

    Surveillance, Access
    Control and Auxiliary

    Industrial estates

    Security guards, access
    control, patrols and parking

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    Security services and surveillance

    From event security to the protection of all types of facilities throughout Málaga and Marbella, our commitment is to guarantee security in a way that is adapted to the needs of each service. We offer fast, effective and people-focused solutions.

    • Surveillance patrols
    • Experienced private security guards
    • Personal verification service
    • GPS controlled cars
    • Patrol control system

    What do out customer think?

    Jc Fl
    Jc Fl
    Empresa buena y sería, mi segunda casa en la que he estado trabajando 14 ańos
    Francisco Padilla Peralta
    Francisco Padilla Peralta
    Fui trabajador durante 5 años en esta empresa, solo puedo decir cosas buenas de ella, empresa muy competente y seria
    Carlos Cumbrera Hernández
    Carlos Cumbrera Hernández
    Muy buena empresa
    Arturo Moya Fernández
    Arturo Moya Fernández
    Empresa de Seguridad e instalación de alarmas con actividad en la Costa del Sol desde hace mas de 25 años.
    LIP Y LUMON, más de 30 años de experiencia, hacemos mejores hogares, mejores vidas, llama y pregunta por NUESTRA PROMOCION.
    david fdez
    david fdez
    Muy buenos en su trabajo
    Seso Curioso
    Seso Curioso
    Poca preocupación por sus clientes, tienen preferencia con alarmas de otra empresa que ellos le asiste las alarmas.

    Professional surveillance and technology In Marbella

    Our security systems are equipped with innovative software that ensures real-time monitoring and simple and efficient operation via smartphone. They are complemented by a range of accessories, mostly consisting of sensors and motion detectors.

    In addition to providing innovative technology in our security systems, as a security company in Marbella,we offer connectivity services that enable the reliable and secure delivery of analysis and data, from a security guard to a main centre, to provide information that can help improve the efficiency of burglary, theft, internal robbery, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.

    Human supervision

    24h surveillance

    Maximum security

    vigilancia 2

    Control centre

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