Home Security

Security and private security company in Marbella. We offer security services at home, for businesses and more with the latest technology.

Home Security systems in Spain

LIP SEGURIDAD’s Home Protection System is the ideal equipment to keep your home and your family safe against a trespassing or a burglary attempt. Thousands of families have already decided to live without worries. They were visited by one of our security experts who assessed the weak points of the premises and recommended to them the better solution in security: our Home Alarm.

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Advantages of our Home Security system


Innovative and
Technological system

Easy use for

Easy use for
the whole family

24/7 Service

Maximum availability of
multi-channel support

Quick response

Efficient and quick
response to an emergency

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Our Home Security equipment

We have all the necessary equipment and the highest quality to keep your home safe at all times.


Panel: Interface compatible for the control of the security panels in your home.


Security system: It offers a loud and localized alert that dissuades the trespasser from entering your home.


External signs: Almost as important as the prevention is to inform the trespasser that your home is protected.


Cameras: from our Alarm Station we can see what happens in your house in case the alarm goes off.


Movement detector: the detection device will identify any trespasser by an infra red system.

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