Business Security Systems

Security and private security company in Marbella. We offer security services at home, for businesses and more with the latest technology.

Business Security Systems in Marbella

All companies struggle with potential risks and losses. It is a great challenge to find the time to study in depth the security needs of a company, unless an expert company like LIP SEGURIDAD advises you on how to do it. LIP SEGURIDAD offers you technologically advanced solutions tailored to your business that guarantee the security of your company.

⭐The best company security system in Marbella⭐

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Advantages of our Business Security System


Innovative and
Technological system

Easy use for

Easy use for

24/7 Service

Maximum availability of
multi-channel support

Quick response

Efficient and quick
response to an emergency

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Our Business Security Equipment

We have all the necessary equipment of the highest quality to keep your business safe at all times.


Panel: Interface compatible for the control of the security panels in your home.


Security system: It offers a loud and localized alert that dissuades the trespasser from entering your home.


External signs: Almost as important as the prevention is to inform the trespasser that your home is protected.


Cameras: from our Alarm Station we can see what happens in your house in case the alarm goes off.


Movement detector: the detection device will identify any trespasser by an infra red system.

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