Advices for the security of your home (I)

LIP Seguridad-Consejos

LIP Seguridad-Consejos

The protection of your family at home is important for you, for your family and also for us. For that reason, we are going to list a number of advices that we recommend you to follow in order to complement with- Go through doors and windows before you go to bed. Check also the outside so that you do not leave any object that might be attractive such as bicycle and/or personal objects. Connect also your security system and activate the night mode.our security services.

– When you are at home you should always lock the door and leave the key in the lock so that they are within your reach ech time you need to go out and above all in case you need to leave due to an emergency situation. This is recommended so that the door can not be opened from outside.

– You can take additional security measures such as chains or reinforced locks.

– It is recommended to have an armour-plated door with a closing bar on the top, metallic doorframe, etc. In following posts we will give more information about the different security elements for doors.


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