The Smartphones and tablets have become a daily friend from almost everybody. On them we safe personal information such as photos, conversations, e-mails, private codes, among other things. Very important information for us and that the intruders can use against us: to stole money, spying, knowledge of our movements, intrusion of our privacy, etc.

On this holidays that we that we do some tourism, around Spain or other countries, we should be very careful with our belongings as the pickpockets or thieves take advantage of the tourist areas where there are many people to commit thefts and for them the tourist are the most vulnerable people.

For that reason, if you are a tourist who come to Spain to enjoy our country, or if you travel to a different country, you should follow these advices to have a safe journey:

In the summer, most of us go on a trip during our holidays. It is during this summer period when the amount of burglars increases due to the absences. For that reason, from LIP Seguridad we remind you of some security measures that need to be followed so that we can have a quiet holidays:

Summer is already here and with it the opening of swimming pools: public, private and residentials. It should be a factor to bare in mind to enjoy them with responsibility as every year there are many unpleasant accidents such as knocks, falls, drowning, etc.

The CCTV is the use of video cameras to transmit images to an specific place. The CCTV is used in companies, houses and other type of properties. Recently, these CCTV have improved their images. You can find them in high definition. The CCTV was initially thought only for big companies but even more in the houses and small businesses have adopted this technology, being one of the most demanded.

We are in June and the coming and going of the holidaymakers throughout the Spanish airports to go to their holiday destinations starts. Therefore if we add this to the frequent passengers that use the airport all through the years the number of robberies increases.

The airport is a place highly visited by the thieves that taking advantage of the value objects we carry in our bags they try to distract us to get them. For that reason, we give you some recommendations that, although we can always listen to them in the airport, we do not pay attention to.

We would like to advise you that the possession of firearms will be always responsibility of each person and they have to have the corresponding licence. On this web page you can find additional information about how to get a firearm in Spain.

On this post we want to offer you some advices that you should bare in mind once you have a firearm legally and with license.

Although the month of May has just started, many beach and rest lovers get advantage of these sunny days to go to the beach. On the great beaches that the Spanish coast has and specially where we are, at the Costa del sol, many thieves use our rest and carelessness to steal your belongings.

For that reason, and to be ready for the summer, we want you to increase the precautions to enjoy these months of sun and sea.

A couple of days ago we spoke about the precautions that the elderly should have when they live alone. Since it is a very sensitive aspect and to which we should give special attention; today we offer you a few recommendations that the Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) to minimize as much as possible certain frauds, robberies or even mistreatment that they could suffer.