We start a number of publications where we will analize the steps to be followed on certain danger or emergency situations.

On this ocassion we will speak about the steps to follow in case of a burglar. When suffering a burglar can be something traumatic for us even more if that happens at home, as initially we think this is the most secure place where we can be.

In the summer, most of us go on a trip during our holidays. It is during this summer period when the amount of burglars increases due to the absences. For that reason, from LIP Seguridad we remind you of some security measures that need to be followed so that we can have a quiet holidays:

The CCTV is the use of video cameras to transmit images to an specific place. The CCTV is used in companies, houses and other type of properties. Recently, these CCTV have improved their images. You can find them in high definition. The CCTV was initially thought only for big companies but even more in the houses and small businesses have adopted this technology, being one of the most demanded.

We have already spoken about security measures in our home, such as the installation of a security system, improvement of the doors and windows, etc. In this new post, we want to talk about the prevention of small accidents at home.

The hits, falls or small cuts are frequent and with easy advices it can be avoid.

Thanks to the security systems we have and to the routines follow, our home is kept safe. We also have to watch what we do in internet as today many thieves use the net to know which is a good moment to go in our property.