On this holidays that we that we do some tourism, around Spain or other countries, we should be very careful with our belongings as the pickpockets or thieves take advantage of the tourist areas where there are many people to commit thefts and for them the tourist are the most vulnerable people.

For that reason, if you are a tourist who come to Spain to enjoy our country, or if you travel to a different country, you should follow these advices to have a safe journey:

A few days ago we talked about doing some shopping by Internet and on this occasion we want to advice you about the credit card payment in any establishment. There are more and more security measures to prevent money robbery or credit card duplicated.
But even so it is always good to remind some advices:

Although the month of May has just started, many beach and rest lovers get advantage of these sunny days to go to the beach. On the great beaches that the Spanish coast has and specially where we are, at the Costa del sol, many thieves use our rest and carelessness to steal your belongings.

For that reason, and to be ready for the summer, we want you to increase the precautions to enjoy these months of sun and sea.

The protection of your family at home is important for you, for your family and also for us. For that reason, we are going to list a number of advices that we recommend you to follow in order to complement with- Go through doors and windows before you go to bed.