Security in the kitchen: Be careful with the babys


The kitchen is one of the places at home where we need to closely watch the children. There are may dangerous objects that can cause any unfortunate accident.

For that reason we need to take all necessary precautions, but letting them to learn how to use utensils and objects with which they can develop their curiosity and learn how to help.

–  All furniture edges need to be rounded to avoid any hits. For that edge protectors can be used.

–  All chemical products such as bleach, detergents, etc. needs to be out of the reach of children or even use security locks in the cupboards.

–  Sharp objects such as knives and scissors have to be also out of the reach of children.

–  It is also recommended to protect all low plugs as they are always an object of curiosity for children.

–  For the children to help us in the kitchen, we can assigned them specific tasks so that they can be entertaining and without any danger such as for example tables or cooking tops of their high so that they can work, low drawers with harmless objects for them to help you setting the table and so feeling they have been useful.

–  And of course it is very important that there has to be always an adult in the kitchen. It is very important to have, with the presence of children in the kitchen, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers so that you do not suffer any accident at home.

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