Security elements to protect your business on holidays

proteger tu negocio

During the summer period, all businesses, closed or opened, are sensitive of suffering robberies. Therefore, if you close or don’t your business, you need to maximize the precautions with some security measures that LIP security can offer you.

Keyboard: It is a device with a tactile interface that can be synchronize with the one in your house so that it can be controlled from one place to the other.

Cameras: The installation of security cameras is the best way for the professionals to monitore at all times and from our alarm station everything that is taking place in your business when it is closed.

Security Systems: Our alarms are activated through a loud alert that discourages the intruder.

Movement detector: It has an infrared system capable of detecting anybody.

Outside signs: The signs outside your business or home is as good discourage measure and shows that your house is well protected.

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