How to prevent attacks or abuses


The abuses or attacks, either if they are sexual or from other type, is a blight of our society that we should, as much as possible, try to avoid following certain behaviours.

If the person who is attacking us is unknown we have to act. Think, above all, on your security and integrity.

When driving do not get anybody and do not do auto-stop.

If you leave alone, do not write your name on the mail box, just the first letter of your name and your surname.

Do not walk alone or with somebody in lonely places.

In case of a rape’s attempt, try to run and ask for help. If this is not possible, try to speak with that person with the idea of get time and an opportunity to persuade him or the opportunity of asking for help. It is very important to remember the physical characteristics of the attacker so that you can inform the police.

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