Keep your mobile phones safe

dispositivos moviles

The Smartphones and tablets have become a daily friend from almost everybody. On them we safe personal information such as photos, conversations, e-mails, private codes, among other things. Very important information for us and that the intruders can use against us: to stole money, spying, knowledge of our movements, intrusion of our privacy, etc.

Therefore, if you are carrying your mobile phones on holidays, or just to improve their security, we are going to give you some instructions so that our private information are safe at all times (this can also be useful in case we lose the mobile phones)

Make sure you do a security copy from the device from time to time ( we recommend you each two weeks). Keep this copy in your computer at home.

Even for Android or Apple devices, you have tools to see where your mobile phone or Tablet is at every moment via GPS; and also as protection against robbery.

Activate a code for your device. Do not use the 0000, 1111, 1234 or personal dates such as the date of birth. A wide range of mobile phones are blocked because they have these codes.

In order to prevent the Access to your account on a remote basis, do not use public wifi connections without verifying them first. You will be surprised how easy it is to have access to a mobile phone by someone who creates a false puclic wifi.

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