Children’s Security: Playgrounds

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The playgrounds are the most favorite place to play from our children. But at the same time there are certain risks and elements that could cause them any damage. For that reason we have to always watch that our children enjoy their playtime but with no danger.

You should take into account certain rules so that your child can spend a lovely day with his/her friends.

Surveillance: You have to match the clothes your child is wearing as it can get caught in any of the playground’s elements (scarf, shoelaces, bike helmet, bracelets, etc)

Follow up: You need to keep your eyes open. The active supervision of our children’s play is the clue to prevent any falls. Remember that the falls are responsible of a 70% of the injuries.

Check before the playground: You need to see that the playground is in good conditions before you leave them play. Check that there is no glass or sharp elements on the floor, swings and slides in bad conditions, rusted parts or splinted.

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