For more than 17 years LIP Seguridad is providing service in the exclusive urbanization of La Zagaleta to all our clients. Our response staff, with armed professionals, es 24 hours the whole year round inside the urbanization to assist efficiently any emergency situation. Also, our technical department assists any technical problem as quick as possible.

The break-in in the properties is one of the crimes that has suffered an increase since the economic recession exploded in Spain. Only in 2013, 127.380 Spanish homes were robbed with violence, a 75% more than in 2007, according to the information compiled by (web that compares insurances). The figures still show this problem on the first

The Smartphones and tablets have become a daily friend from almost everybody. On them we safe personal information such as photos, conversations, e-mails, private codes, among other things. Very important information for us and that the intruders can use against us: to stole money, spying, knowledge of our movements, intrusion of our privacy, etc.

Since the Euro started to be used at the beginning of 2002, there has been lots of tries to create a forgery that could be distributed to the whole European Union. The truth is that the notes were created with excellent security measures that makes very difficult to do exact copies of them. Also, during this past year, new 5 euro note, that improves its security, started to be used. It is also planned to start using new 10 euro note in September 2014, as these are the most used among the Europeans.

On this holidays that we that we do some tourism, around Spain or other countries, we should be very careful with our belongings as the pickpockets or thieves take advantage of the tourist areas where there are many people to commit thefts and for them the tourist are the most vulnerable people.

For that reason, if you are a tourist who come to Spain to enjoy our country, or if you travel to a different country, you should follow these advices to have a safe journey:

The abuses or attacks, either if they are sexual or from other type, is a blight of our society that we should, as much as possible, try to avoid following certain behaviours.

If the person who is attacking us is unknown we have to act. Think, above all, on your security and integrity.