You should watch the small domestic accidents

accidentes domesticosWe have already spoken about security measures in our home, such as the installation of a security system, improvement of the doors and windows, etc. In this new post, we want to talk about the prevention of small accidents at home.

The hits, falls or small cuts are frequent and with easy advices it can be avoid.

- You have to be careful with the falls in the bath. The floor of the baths and showers are very slippery and unfortunately the falls on them are very frequent. They can be very dangerous because can caused sprains or even fractures of some bones. If you install non-slip elements you can reduce these accidents. It is also highly recommended if there are old  people at home.

- If there are stairs at home, you need to get them used to walk down the stairs slowly and using the banister.

- The hits on the toes are frequent and sometimes they suffer fractures. For that reason you should not walk barefoot.

- Be careful with the carpets as they can make you stumble.

- Try to avoid poisoning accidents. Keep the cleaning products and medicaments out of the children access.

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