No surprises at your holiday destination

lugar de vacaciones


The summer goes on and during the month of August, any of us starts the desired holidays. Many people choice to rent an apartment or to book an hotel room in touristic areas, mainly through internet.

Being a victim of fraud through the renting of properties in which the money is requested to be paid in advanced, can spoiled our holidays and make us lose our money. For that reason we give you some recommendations so that you can, above all, enjoy these holidays.

If you book via internet, visit always webs that are of your confidence, do not book through advertisements published in the notice board as there is no control over these establishments.

Check the address of the appartment or hotel to know that it is the correct one, as well as its official web side (if it is an hotel).

Never trust in the bargains, the fraudster take advantage to get from you any amount of money, does not matter how small might be.

Before you pay the owner, ask him to provide you with the contract or document in which the agreement between both parts should be clear: the number of days, price, deposit, etc.

In case you pay with a credit card, be sure you do it from an encoded connection https://

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