Smoke detectors, where to put them.

Detector de humo-lip seguridad

The smoke detectors are an important element in the prevention of fires at home as we all already know, but for a higher effectiveness we need to bare in mind where to put them.

To start with, we need to know that there are different types of detectors, either optic or ionic.

  • The detector through ionization detects very small particles that have an impact on the light.
  • The optic/photoelectronic detector is activated by photoelectric cells that identify that the light gets darker by the smoke and an alarm signal is activated or also by the wind spread in a certain área.

In addition, there are more advanced detectors that are also capable of recognizing other gases that can cause danger to us.

As we mentioned before, we should put them in strategic áreas in order to act quicker. If we have stairs at home (to go up from one floor to another, basement or terrace), we should put one close to them. We should also put detectors on the common áreas in the house and in the rooms but baring in mind not to put them close to heatings or places where there is constantly smoke as they can provoke false alarms.

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