Security elements: the lock.


The lock we put in our door has to be, above all, an insurance for us. Any contact with the street or danger situations are on the other side of the door. As we mentioned in our post published last week about doors, the lock is the key for our security at home.

Throughout the story, the locks have changed and improve to be more difficult to open it withouth keys. There are different locks of several complexities, for example:

  • Lock with the shape of a nipple. Are the most classical and old ones with big keys, very easy to open.
  • Tubular lock: commonly the one that has the key in the knob.
  • Cylindrical lock: it is use for the home entrance, the one which is mainly installed.
  • Hit lock: which is close when the door is pushed.
  • Digital lock: this is the safest, but also the most expensive one. It is activated by a magnetic card, by a code or by digital fingerprint.

When the lock is open the best thing is that it is activated on different parts of the door.

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