Security elements: The door.

Puerta-lip seguridad

We are going to describe different security elements that we should bare in mind to consider that our home is really protected.

One of the most important elements, is the door. This element is the main objective of the burglars.

The main access to our property should be prepared to discourage anybody to open it. It is true that there are no impassable doors, but depending on the elements they have when somebody tries to open it this can make a lot of noise and delay its opening so that we can be earlier than the burglar.

A reinforced door is a good option. This is a block of wood that internally has reinforced sheet steels that makes the door being stronger. A more secured option , but also a more expensive one, is to put an armour-plated door.

And of course the lock. A good lock when it is activated should close on different parts of the door, that is to say, that activates the bolts above and below the door to the floor, and the side lock of several cylinders. It should also have a key completely different to others of the same type, as sometimes with different keys you can open the same door, which is very dangerous.

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