Security Advices for tourists

seguridad turistas

On this holidays that we that we do some tourism, around Spain or other countries, we should be very careful with our belongings as the pickpockets or thieves take advantage of the tourist areas where there are many people to commit thefts and for them the tourist are the most vulnerable people.

For that reason, if you are a tourist who come to Spain to enjoy our country, or if you travel to a different country, you should follow these advices to have a safe journey:

- During this period if you are in the airport you have to maximize the caution and look after your belongings.

- Try to carry always your bags, handbags, backpacks, pockets, etc, if possible , close and hold them tight. It is convenient to carry the valuable objects such as mobile phones, wallet, etc in the pockets and always keep an eye on them.

- If you are staying in a hotel keep the Passport always in the hotel’s safe. Many hotels offer this service.

- If you are in a country where the coin is different to yours, do not trust anybody that offers you the cheapest change for your coin.

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