What to do in case of…. Fire evacuation


One of the most important security measures we need to know is the evacuation of the place so that we can keep our integrity against any problem that might arise in a closed building. It is very important to bare the following in mind:

The fire system has to be activated immediately as the fire brigade receives this notification. There are also maps showing the way to the emergency exit. If you are in a building where there is no fire alarm, please call number 112 from a safe place to inform of the fire.

If the fire is so small that can be extinguished by you, please take a fire extinguisher to control and extinguish it. Please do not fight against a fire if there are any of the following conditions:

Te fire is spreading quickly, you do not have the correct equipment, the fire can block your way out or there is a possibility of inhaling toxic smoke.

If you do not have success on the first attempts to extinguish the fire, leave the building immediately.

The doors and window should be closed, if possible, when the last person leaves the room or the area.

Do not use the lift in case of fire, but the stairs of the building.

Everybody has to go to the meeting point, after the evacuation of the building, where it can be checked how everybody is.

The access to the building without the permission of the fire brigade it is not allowed.

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