Advices for the security of your home (II)

Consejos de seguridad II

Consejos de seguridad II

There are lots of aspects to bare in mind when our home is checked  against posible threats. After the first advices fascicle about security at home, here we have the second part:

– Install lights outside the property and programm them to be on during the night and whenever you think it is appropriate.

– Check periodically the garden looking for vulnerable areas that might be easilly access from the outside and reinforce them. It is recommended to do it with the installation of perimeter systems as it advices you that a non desire person is coming into you property, being this very dangerous.

– Try to check the postbox frequently. Be specially careful with the invoices where all your details are. If you go out on holidays, leave the key of your postbox to somebody you trust to empty it.


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